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Corporate Bonus Half hour and full hour coaching sessions are available for employees immediately following group seminars at the training location. Corporate Clients receive ongoing personal service through Q & A follow-up email, seasonal e-newsletter and other tips on Your Style website. Training Tools Customized Power Point Presentation / Interactive Exercises / Wardrobe Building with Accessories / Workbook Guides / Wardrobe Building Guide

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Seminars and Workshops

 Workshops are 1 to 4 hour segments. Seminars are one day to 2 day presentations.


Enhance your professional presence in virtually every business interaction. Develop relationships quickly in a culture of trust using the ABC’s of Business Presence: Polished Appearance, Leadership Behavior and Interpersonal Communication. The way you look and behave announces the outcome other people can expect from you. You will inspire confidence using business etiquette and communication skills in meetings, meals and business functions. Showcase your integrity with your colleagues and improve your bottom line.


Branding is critical because it defines who we are in life and in business. It is what attracts people to and away from us. We all brand ourselves every day – by the type of cars we drive, their condition and cleanliness; by how we dress, fix our hair, or carry accessories; by our physical shape and health and by the way we talk. Develop your own individual look of success – Project a powerful first impression – Achieve a polished, professional appearance – Master executive dress code secrets – Gain confidence, poise and respect – Create a wardrobe-building strategy – Maintain your new, self-assured appearance. Branding impacts every aspect of your life and you can project a consistent brand with ease!


This module addresses essential techniques and strategies needed to establish a professional presence in interactive environments.


This module is designed for group presentations to both women and men. Seven key areas are addressed.  


This workshop will define casual dress code without relaxing the company standards. Successful companies have specific dress codes that are aligned with their brand and core values. Employees will understand the importance of how their image reflects the corporate brand and to project a comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power. Discover the one essential item can instantly communicate professionalism and expertise. This can be added to the correct business-casual attire to give that extra power perception, when needed..


This Etiquette program contains 4 modules which can be customized to suit your particular training requirements:


Techno-Communication Skills outlines the techniques needed to project an effective and personal image through the barrier of electronic communication devices. 

Business Etiquette

Corporate etiquette is about behaving appropriately in a given situation while reflecting the best of your company’s traditions. In this module we decipher the code of behavior that defines corporate stars and sets them apart.

Executive Dining Skills





“Thank you so much for your input on the differences between business casual and personal casual wear. Many of us tend to overlook some of the little details of how to dress in order to reflect a professional image. The group thoroughly enjoyed your uplifting and inspirational presentation. “ – Judy Clark, Pfizer Office Administrator


The power of image has far reaching effects, not only on how others perceive you, but also in how you perceive yourself. The Power of Image Seminar is a leadership program – empowering one to experience a personal transformation and a life-long understanding of how style adds to your confidence so you will impact and influence others.This program blends lecture and audience participation to provide leadership presence training.
We all make judgments in the first few seconds upon when meeting someone for the first time. Prospective clients and employers decide in a minute or two whether to give you their business, based just on your physical appearance.
On the job, impressions affect whether you are taken seriously, asked to represent the company in important meetings and if you are considered for raises or promotions.Don’t you enjoy being around people who are positive and look professional? These people take time to ensure that their personal appearance is refined. You can too!
What’s the secret to creating Your Style?A perfect base of timeless versatile pieces! My exclusive advice will help you choose basic wardrobe pieces for utmost ease of style. You will learn to divide your wardrobe into your lifestyle needs, thus designing complete and wonderful outfits with accessories that enhance your style. There are lots to learn and love with this interactive workshop that will bring you confidence and pleasure!
This dress category can be confusing and often requires more effort to achieve with confidence. When updating your wardrobe to include stylish trends; your everyday professional look should be polished, office-friendly (for your specific work environment) and within guidelines. Understand what is best for your career advancement.
This seminar ensures your employees project a corporate identity and image. People decide to conduct business based on the integrity and reputation of your brand, but also based on the image your employees project. To project a professional corporate image, Your Style Image Consulting recognizes each employee must receive the same training and has developed workshops and seminars to help your employees present and project your company’s image; consequently increasing profitability..


“Your lunch and learn presentation definitely gave me an understanding of the Power of Image, the differences in Business Casual and Personal Casual wear and great ideas on the basics of building a wardrobe.” - Kay Guian, Pfizer, Office Administrator
You will have a versatile wardrobe using pants, jackets, shirts, ties and shoes that can be mixed and matched, leaving you looking sharp in any of the choices of the suitable wardrobe. Using some of these tricks of the trade, your image will be raised a notch; leaving you feeling confident and savvy. Before this workshop is over you will also know how to choose the perfect “Power Suit and Tie”, the first step towards success in any business meeting.
You will learn how to assess your unique image and how it reflects your inner values. You will be coached to identify goals for your wardrobe needs throughout daily life. This workshop saves you time and money! You will learn the skills and tools necessary to know, design and express your individual style. You will feel comfortable and confident reflecting your inner dignity; while establishing and maintaining a commanding presence.
This class is a must for corporate executives, management professionals, and anyone who attends events of a business related nature. The power of impeccable manners is about your ability to advance positive relationships in the business world, a little grace and charm goes a long way.
In an economy when many may find themselves once again unemployed and looking for work, this course is designed to set you apart from other applicants. You will understand the meaning of image and how first impressions can put you on top of the competition. With this course you will understand guidelines for proper fit, wise wardrobe selection and business etiquette. Individual services are available.
Having a difficult time deciding what to wear? The white blouse has long been one of fashion’s biggest hits, whether tailored, frilly, pleated or plain. Favorite-featured blouses with essential items create a look great for work and travel! More than a fashion trend, it is my philosophy to take the hottest looks to create a style that is unmistakably Your Style.


Executive Image Power and Inspired Style,
Ginny Baldridge, co-author


    Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building professional confidence, making a great impression and advancing your career with every meeting.With this book, you can quickly rev up your executive image power, because as top experts in each of our respective specialties, we’ve joined together to give you the most powerful image strategies we know.

    $29.00 – Includes shipping


    Inspired Style is the key ingredient to helping you understand and define your personal style. The authors provide practical and applicable ideas that women can use immediately to look better, feel better, be more effective and enjoy all the benefits an enhanced image can bring.

    $29.00 – Includes shipping