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The Little Black Box You can break free from your “black and white box”. Working for many years, I realize clients often feel more comfortable in black. While black is slimming, it is often the wrong color to have around your face. It may wash out your natural color; drawing attention to those pesky dark circles under the eyes, or completely draw attention away from your face.

While black is a wonderful basic piece to use in a ..... Read More...

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How often have you thought you had found a great deal on a blouse or a dress and bought it on a whim, only to get home and discover that it practically disintegrated with the first washing? All too often, we are taken in by these so-called deals that are really just low prices for low quality clothing. It is a waste of money and time as well. Spending $200 a month on these poorly constructed clothes means you are wasting $2,400 a year!

Investment dressing requires you to pay more money per item of clothing, but you are going to be getting high quality items that will look and feel great and last a long time. The trick is to spot these smart buys that will help you build up an investment wardrobe that you can use for years to come.

Know Your Colors

Getting your colors done does not seem to be as much the rave as it has been in years past. This is a mistake. One of the smartest investments you can make to always look great and to not waste money when you shop is to get your colors professionally done so you feel confident a color will look good on you before you make a purchase.

Look for Timeless Pieces

There is something to be said for the little black dress that is appropriate for all occasions. If you look for clothing that has lines that are not trendy, but always look good, no matter the latest style, you have a winner. This includes pencil skirts, sheath dresses and simple blouses. These are items of clothing that could hold their own in any decade, not for being at the height of fashion, but for their simplicity and quiet class.

 Go for Quality Fabrics

Paying more for clothing that is made of better fabric is a smart decision. In fact, the type of fabric used in your clothes can make all the difference in how good you look. A cheap polyester dress will look far worse than the exact same design in a classy linen blend.  Choose the better fabric and you will not regret it. Real silk, linen and wool are all fabrics that look terrific and will help build your investment wardrobe. Blends are fine too. Wool blends will be less itchy, linen blends will wrinkle less and silk blends will usually breathe more.

 Remember That More is Not Better

Having a few expensive, classic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe is worth far more than having two or three closets full of cheap clothing that will never pass as good quality. Make sure you remember this when sticker shock hits!

If you have traveled to Europe, you have probably noticed how great the men and women look. They do not have as many clothes in their wardrobe yet everything they have is made of the highest quality.

Make It All Work Together

The best way to build your investment wardrobe is to plan your entire wardrobe for versatility. Having two or three pairs of pants, three to five blouses, a couple of skirts and a nice jacket and suit can actually work for you if you plan it. Choose just two or three classic colors that all complement each other and you will be able to mix and match your entire wardrobe, creating dozens of different outfits. Throw in a scarf or two and a couple of different belts and accessories and you can have even more looks, all with just a few select items. Opt for mostly solid colors rather than prints and you will have more combinations available to you.

 Remember the Shoes

Choosing the best shoes available will also enhance your look. Invest in a few pairs of good quality, sensible shoes and you will be able to wear them with every outfit. A couple different high heels, a pair of flat shoes and perhaps some boots or sandals, depending on where you live, will serve you well and when chosen in classic colors that suit your wardrobe, you will never have any problems putting together a great outfit.

 Investment dressing is becoming a trend these days and it is one that is well worth jumping on. Take a few minutes to plan out your basic wardrobe and choose a couple of colors to base it on. Then it is time to go shopping. Stick to the plan, choose high quality items and at the end of your day, you will have a wardrobe that will last you a long time and suit any occasion.


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American Cancer Society

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Many organizations will invite you to wear business casual attire to an interview. This can be tricky because business casual essentially runs the gamut from cotton khakis to slacks, and from polo shirts to collared shirts with a tie. If you plan to dress business casual for an interview, stick to the more formal side of business casual, in other words, “professional casual.”

Professional Casual for Women:

  • Wool or synthetic fiber slacks or knee-length skirt
  • A collared blouse, sweater set, or conservative sweater
  • Consider wearing a stylish jacket over your top
  • Black or brown shoes with closed toes or boots.

Professional Casual for Men:

  • Wool or blended fiber slacks
  • A collared, buttoned shirt with a tie, or a conservative business-like sweater
  • Black or brown shoes with a matching belt
  • Dark socks

Networking Events

Very few networking events call for professional attire. You are almost always invited to wear business casual or campus casual attire. But if you are trying to convey that you are ready for the working world, you should consider avoiding wearing campus casual attire to career fairs, employer information sessions, employer panels, or any other events where you will be interacting with potential employers. Business casual makes a better impression.

Business Casual for Women:

  • Cotton or synthetic fiber blended pants or a knee-length skirt
  • A top or sweater that is fashionable yet not trendy and can’t be considered a t-shirt.
  • Shoes or sandals that are fashionable, but no flip-flops or sneakers.

Business Casual for Men:

  • Cotton pants
  • Collared shirt
  • No sandals, flip-flops or sneakers

Fashionable, but Not Trendy or Sexy

Unless you are interviewing for an organization in the fashion or entertainment industry, you should avoid wearing trendy clothes when trying to make a good impression on employers. Today’s fashions also trend toward sexiness, but potential employers don’t want to see your cleavage, your belly button, or your lingerie. Save those styles for your social life, they’re not appropriate for your work environment.

Good grooming is almost always more important than what you wear. To make a good impression in this department:

  • Keep your hair out of your face and don’t play with it during your interview.
  • Minimize jewelry, and remove visible piercings (other than one earring per ear for women).
  • Remove any scuffs from your shoes – have them polished or repaired if necessary.
  • Make sure your hands and fingernails are clean, they will be noticed.
  • Minimize fragrances – some people are allergic to perfumes and colognes.
  • Make sure your body and breath odor is nonexistent or at least pleasant. Be sure to shower before your interview, and avoid foods that make your breath smell, such as dairy foods, sugary foods, or spicy foods.

Dress to Impress Part One

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Dress to Impress for Recruiting Success

Part One

First impressions matter. Whether it’s a first round interview or an informal networking opportunity, you want your grooming and attire to clearly communicate that you’re ready to make the transition to a working professional.

Interview Attire

Most employers expect you to wear professional attire to interviews, even if the organization has a business casual dress code in the office. Unless you are invited to wear business casual attire to an interview, you should plan to wear conservative, professional attire.  

Professional Attire for Women:

  • A business suit in a classic style. Pant suits and skirt suits are acceptable, but pant suits are considered more casual, so wear a skirt suit if interviewing for more conservative organizations. A “suit” means that the jacket and skirt or pants are made from the same material. Women have more flexibility with suit color, but avoid colors that are very trendy; stick to a more classic color.
  • Under your suit jacket, wear a collared blouse or conservative shell, in a color that complements your suit.
  • Shoes should be black or brown, whichever complements your suit color. Wear shoes with closed toes; avoid wearing a shoe that could be considered a sandal. Boots are fine with a pant suit, especially when interviewing in cool weather.
  • Wear nylons that match your skin color unless you have beautifully tanned legs.

Professional Attire for Men:

  • Invest in a business suit in a classic two-button or three-button style. Stick with classic colors like dark grey. Many suits will have pinstripes according to current fashion and subtle pinstripes are fine for interviews, but avoid bold pinstripes.
  • Wear a white shirt or light solid colored shirt.
  • Wear a conservative tie that complements your shirt and suit.
  • Shoes should be black or brown, with some shine. Leather that doesn’t have a shine is considered more casual. Choose a belt that matches the color of your shoes.
  • Wear dark socks. White socks are completely inappropriate.

Embassy Suites, Peoria, IL  

3rd annual Behold Conference

Presentation on the Dignity and the Vocation of Women

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Ginny will showcase Ann Taylor’s fabulous new holday wear that will be sure to excite you. You will see how to mix and match pieces with your own wardrobe at home. ” Shop early for big savings *40% coupon) and be stress free as you glam it up for your holiday parties.”

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American Cancer Society

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St. John’s Pratt Cancer Center “Look Good, Feel Better” Program for female cancer patients.

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Please visit again form my upcoming Corporate Articles.

In the mean time be sure to visit my Inspiring Women Articles HERE

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