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The Little Black Box You can break free from your “black and white box”. Working for many years, I realize clients often feel more comfortable in black. While black is slimming, it is often the wrong color to have around your face. It may wash out your natural color; drawing attention to those pesky dark circles under the eyes, or completely draw attention away from your face.

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Your Wardrobe Needs Management Too, Part 1

posted by ginny

Our whole life we have been getting dressed every day, and most people take getting dressed for granted. I hope after reading this article that you never will again. The savvy professional gives attention to her wardrobe, manages and maintains it, and thereby enjoys all the benefits of being prepared to look great and feel appropriately dressed.

Let Go of The Poor Producers

In business if you were the boss, after a while you would have to let go of staff that was taking up space but not producing. The same goes for your wardrobe. If you have not worn something for a year, it is taking up too much space and it is time to get rid of it and make space for a garment that contributes to producing great outfits.

 Audit Your Wardrobe Annually

Each year you want to retire what is not working and take inventory of where the needs in your wardrobe might be. For example if your favorite dark blazer is starting to look ragged, you had better retire it and that means you need to go shopping for a new one.

 Also make sure everything fits – all the buttons are there and firmly attached, and nothing needs repair or cleaning. There is nothing worse than thinking you have the perfect outfit for an important occasion and finding it is not ready to wear when you pull it out of your closet to get dressed.

Invest in Quality

You want to invest in quality for your executive wardrobe. You can’t look like a million bucks if your sweater is pilling, your blouse is pulling and your jacket is starting to fray. Wool blend blazers are always a good investment. Fewer garments of a greater quality should be the rule you follow.

 Focus on Fit

One thing any image professional will tell you is that there is no such thing as ready-to-wear. Everyone’s body is different and you want to get each jacket, skirt, and pair of pants properly fitted to your body. Half an inch makes all the difference in the right places to make sure you always look your best.

Consult your image professional for the best skirt, trouser and jacket cut length for you. Also, pay attention to your jacket shoulder width and waistline position.

The Power of Color

Color is a powerful business tool that you do not want to overlook as you build your executive image. Your core colors are colors that can be identified by an image consultant. They are the colors that make you look healthier, thinner, younger, and more vibrant when you wear them. Core neutral colors for your business wardrobe include black, grey, navy or brown. You will find that when you wear the colors that are best for you, you will get more attention, be taken more seriously and perhaps best of all, you will feel more confident.

Protect Your Investment

Your executive wardrobe will cost you more than your casual outfits, and you want your garments to last a long time. Take steps to protect your wardrobe. One common mistake is dry-cleaning too often. Unless you have a spot that needs attention, your garments rarely need to be dry-cleaned. If you were in a smoke-filled room last night, steam your clothes by hanging them outside your shower, then air dry them outside for an afternoon. Also make sure your closet is not overstuffed, and has good air flow to keep your clothing fresh and prevent the garment shapes from being lost. 

After you wear something, take a good look at it in the morning light. Does it need repairs or are there spots on it? Always give garments immediate care before placing them in the closet. You never want to be getting dressed for the day, and find that your chosen outfit is not ready to wear.

Managing your wardrobe will initially take some attention. Apply these ideas to maximize the investment you make in your pieces, insuring that they last a long time. The result will be that you will always have the right outfit ready to go, you will feel confident in your appearance, and that will allow you to get the best possible results on the job.

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